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GERMANY Fennimore [13:18]
bari and horn, over and over again ???
POLAND Mikey [00:41]
we need a hugbot
USA Deathangel's shadow [00:38]
Awwww... Group hug!
USA Forged [00:33]
USA Oldchap [00:32]
My bad... :)
USA Delicious [00:28]
oldchap is interfering with my requests! ;X
POLAND Black dot [00:20]
siema! :)
POLAND Mikey [00:18]
FRANCE Keops [23:46]
World of dentro is already in the DB btw ;) ID 63022 (should be renamed)
NORWAY Mystra [23:46]
Good night!
SWITZERLAND Axel [23:43]
gotta dash now, will explain later :)
SWITZERLAND Axel [23:43]
Rush was an online magazine I was planning to do at the time
SWITZERLAND Axel [23:42]
they did an interview with me
SWITZERLAND Axel [23:42]
LOOOOOL I remember that
USA Deathangel's shadow [23:39]
Later, Axel!
SWITZERLAND Axel [23:38]
NORWAY Mystra [23:36]
Hey, Axel. Click the Crimson Pool's pouet link. What's that "Axel/ Brainstorm back in a rush" article about? LOL! :)
SWITZERLAND Axel [23:35]
good night everyone :) see you soon
USA Runaro [23:28]
Here we go. Some octamed and adlib love.
USA Oldchap [23:27]
Thanks Axel.

Oneliner history
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Everything you wanted to know about Nectarine Radio but were afraid to ask... (common then Technical help) Nectarine (http://www.scenemusic.net) is the first and biggest demoscene radio (idea coming from the now closed Zone51 radio by Zgeblez), broadcasting every day some of the best songs written by sceners since the 80's. On air 24/7 we stream directly from France (PARIS) by Nectastream system v3.0 We are relayed by servers in USA, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. All songs included here are FREE, written by musicians who make music only for fun. This movement is called 'THE SCENE' or 'DEMOSCENE'.You won't find any commercial songs here, only the best of DEMOSCENE sound.


What does "Nectarine" mean, anyway?
Why don't you broadcast at a higher bitrate?
Every once in a while, the stream totally stops. What's up ?
Why don't you play _______________ ?
This is pretty cool... How much are you making off of it ?
What is differences between users,registred and donors ?
What? Why do you do this then ?
How much time do you spend on this ?
Your page says you broadcast live from Paris. Where ?
When are you going to start doing a music shows and a Live DJ Mix shows ?
Who in god's name are you, man !?


How to listen ?
What i need ?
Why have we a delay ?
Why the song is locked ?
How to request musics ?
Is it possible to record Nectarine ?
What streaming technology does Nectarine use ?
What hardware/OS is used on your machines ?
Where do you get your crazy bandwidth ?
I have a few questions for starting my own radio station, can I ask you something ?
Can I relay your server ?
I am behind firewall, what can I do to be able to listen ?
I got more questions for this FAQ, will you add them here?
How could i add tunes in Nectarine Playlist ?
Common question
What does "Nectarine" mean, anyway?

It's a wholly arbitrary name with no meaning. For example, this isn't really radio, as it's not being broadcast on the electromagnetic frequency (airwaves!), and Nectarine carries no intrinsic meaning. Though this name do have a bit of personal meaning to me, and those who know me know what it is. It's nothing deep, though. Besides, I think it sounds cool and vague.

Why don't you broadcast at a higher bitrate?

128 kbps isn't enough :P ? While I love high-quality audio, this is one of those cases where the content matters, and more so, getting the content to as many people as possilbe. While broadband is getting out there, the reality of the situation is that a majority of people are on dial-up, cable or ADSL. A number of Nectarine listeners listen from work, where bandwidth may be at a premium, no matter how fat their pipes. Keeping the stream a bit light helps keep them from getting reamed by the know-it-all IT lord. I'll gladly accept your donations to get me other relay server and more bandwidth. =P

Every once in a while, the stream totally stops. What's up??

Unfortunately, while my streaming server can automatically reconnect to all shoutcast relay servers when there's a dropout, your MP3 stream player doesn't know to re-establish the connection. (Or so the case usually is.) This is one reason to use a preset or bookmark in your player. Fortunately, this rarely happens only for playlist update and engine update. The other little pauses are rebufferings from network congestion and are a part of life on the internet...

Why don't you play _______________?

It's a demoscene station and I'll play what listeners want to. Actually, I'm open to playing all demoscene stuff, which is why you're invited to the FTP section of the site to upload all demoscene music you have (best ones :P). You can use FORUM too to make your recommendations and give me feedback. So tell me about something cool you're listening to that I don't know about, and you may well get it on here so even more people can be exposed to it.

This is pretty cool...


How much are you making off of it?

$0.00 !. Actually, if you figure in the cost of all the continuous software and hardware upgrades, I'm trying to not losing a load on this operation. This is commercial-free radio, and other than plugs for things I personally believe in here and there, you will never hear an ad on Nectarine; and as long as that continues, I will continue to make nothing.

What is differences between users,registred and donors?

  • Listen to streams
  • Checking info on page
  • Acces to charts, guestbook
  • Access to forum (reading) (need another registration)
  • Adverts displayed on website
  • Access to forum (posting) (need another registration)
  • Voting for songs
  • Adding comments on songs
  • Adding download link
  • Adding in a favourites database
  • Adding info on authors
  • Download some songs available in their original format
  • Adding info for party rank
  • Access to personnal playlist (favourites, votes, download link, pouet info)
  • Adding comment on news
  • Using Oneliner
  • Selecting the logo they want at bottom
  • Requesting rules (30 mn / days)
  • User and Registred power
  • Requesting rules (30 mn / 8 hours)
  • No adverts !

What? Why do you do this then?

I do this for love of scene music. I want to share all the tunes that we like with the whole world, and what better way to do it, short of paying a couple million dollars for a legal radio broadcast transmitter in each radio market on the globe? Sure, not everyone has a computer and net access, but I don't have billions of dollars, either. Fringe benefits include slight recognition, a way to kill time, and the ability to listen to my scenemusic collection from just about anywhere I have a 'net connection :P. What more could a guy want?

How much time do you spend on this?

Getting Nectarine set-up took a long time, with a lot of trial-and-error, designing, redesigning, etc., just like any other project. However, it is possible to get up and running in no time. I just wanted to do it right. Then it's just fun.

Your page says you broadcast live from Paris. Where?

The Nectarine Radio is in a top-secret underground bunker in the depths of the company where i worked , complete with its own power generator For you propellerheads out there, it runs on a PIII 500 tower on a surprisingly reliable broadband connection from Poliris, and it's all relayed by cool folks.

When are you going to start doing a music shows and a Live DJ Mix shows ?

Hum, i think never. Why ? Nectarine server is in a server room at 18°c and without any chair :P

Who in god's name are you, man!?

Go to ojuice.net or go straight to my personal page
Technical question
How to listen !!!
All that is needed to listen to the music is a player program, it's very easy to get one, and here's how: I suggest that you download the Winamp player and install it quickly and easily on your computer.

Here are a few easy steps to get you started quickly if you are still a little confused:

Download Winamp player and install it (For other alternative programs look below).

On the left menu of our webpages you can see Start listening : Bitrates determine the speed and quality of music that will come to you.

Note: Please use the links that are appropriate for your internet connection, there is a short description there that will let you know what connection each link needs; (If you have a 56K modem, do Not use the 56Kbps link! It doesn't work that way, sorry!)

That's it! If you clicked on a link of the relay, it should have started Winamp or your other player of choice, and attempted to connect to our music server.
Note: Keep in mind sometimes i have problems here too, so try another server if one doesn't work for you, that's why i try to have many.

If you are having any problems at all, no matter how trivial, don't hesitate to post it in the Forums.
Here is a bigger list of players you can install to listen to this station:

Players for Windows


Mac clients

Apple iTunes

Unix clients


Streaming delay
You are listening a 56 kbps relay and your friend a 128 kbps one, it seems to have titles in realtime but i hear the song after him. why ?
Then It's simple, each realy have a 1mb buffer (we can't change this) to be stable. Then delay is coming from here.
Check this gfx and i think you will understand yourself ;)

Delay gfx

Why the song is locked ?
When a song was played less than 2.5 day ago, it is locked.After 86 hours and 1 second the song is unlocked.

How to request ?

First you must be logged, then look for a song and choose REQUEST IT. Of course, because you are more and more trying to requests we have 4 rules.
- The queue must be < 3 hours
- The song must be requested only 1 times every 84 hours.
- The same author can't be requested more than 2 times every 60 mn by someone.
- You can requests 30 mn of song lenght / 24 hour (every 8 hours for donors)

Is it possible to record Nectarine ?
Yes, technologically there is software for this, but i legally am not supposed to talk about it here.

What streaming technology does Nectarine use?
Nectarine uses Nullsoft's SHOUTcast technology for streaming in mp3 format. I'm not interested in Real Audio or Windows Media Streaming as they don't support RELAY for now.

What hardware/OS is used on your machines?
Pentium III 550 under Windows 2000 for the streaming server.
Web server is running IIS5/Windows 2000 Server on a P4 1.6A. The CPU is mostly used by the SQL-based (yeah, I know, it's crappy) FTP-search engine used by Orange Juice website.

Where do you get your crazy bandwidth?
The main source is provided by Poliris.com, Others relays are provided by people who love scene music and who want to help people to share it.

I have a few questions for starting my own radio station, can I ask you something?
I hardly have time for my own features, please don't ask me for help. Instead i suggest visiting these great resources for finding information: www.shoutcast.com

Can I relay your server?
Please only relay if you have to, and if you do, make sure it is on public mode and send me a MAIL. If i can't take stats from you, you will get you banned pretty quickly. If you want to relay for a public server in your company for many people, or you are a service provider, please contact us and we will gladly work with you to help you out. We suggest emailing us if you need to relay in advance for any questions, I will answer them gladly so you don't have to be banned.

I am behind firewall, what can I do to be able to listen???
We have 3 relays on 80 or 23 ports. Check 'Listen' in menu!

I got more questions for this FAQ, will you add them here?
Probably, send it in here and i probably will add it here.
How could i add tunes in Nectarine Playlist
Scene.org gave us a FTP account, please upload music please upload musics here.
But please check this rules BEFORE uploading.

1 - Files names

Without any special chars as '&','#','_' and '-' one IN author name or title.

Exemples :
* dragon funk.mod => moby-dragonfunk.mp3
* It's real love.xm => Tobias-its real love.mp3
* Tom is loving me part II_by_Sim.it =>Sim-Tom is loving me part 2.mp3

2 - Bitrate

MP3 MUST BE encoded at 128 kbps 44khz 16bits and fixed (NO VBR !!!)

3 - Mods, XM, IT etc..

Only mp3 files then don't forget to set stereo separation as low as possible (try to listen your mp3 in headphones ;o).