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(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)
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(__| PINBALL V2.0.0 |__)

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                                                (__| THE MODIFICATION |__)

     The idea for this mod came from Marv "Bytrix32" Caine. He wanted
     an additional mode for my IN2TAGIB, in which a player is only pushed
     away by a shot.
     I took his idea and made a complete modification of its own. B-)
     I just wanted some more weapons for it - not just the compression
     What I got is a simple fun mod! You enter a map and your goal is to
     push as much opponents as possible into deadly areas of the map.
     You will use your explosive weapon projectiles or your sniper
     rifle to do just that.
     By default, players have only half of its mass. So knockbacks are 
     very intense.

     So be carefull where you stand or jump - someone could hit you by
     a compression rifle shot and push you right out of the area... 
     life's gone! ;-)
     If you're fast you first push someone in the air, with the help of 
     the Photonburst or some grenades, just to switch to the Compression 
     Rifle and give him a sniper ride to nowhere's land! B-)
     Supported gametypes: 

     * FFA, TDM, CTF, 1v1
     * Disintegration (Rifle only, no pickups or powerups)
     * Elimination.
     * Forcefield (is a weapon now)
     * Detpack
     * Transporter
     * Speedup-Boots
     * Seeker-Drone (speeds up weapon projectiles now)
     * Battlesuit
     * Quad Powerup
     Supported Maps:
     * Maps with much open space, like ctf_voy1 or ctf_space.
     * Quake 3 Arena maps completly build with custom textures. 

       A selection of playable maps can be downloaded from PiNBALLs
       site: www.ef-pinball.de.vu
     * serverside-only (player without having the mod installed can
       join your server).
     * Custom PiNBALL user interface to configure your PiNBALL server.
     Gameplay modes (not available in Disintegration):
     * Hard: 
       - Only weapons, no pickups or powerups
     * Medium:
       - Pickups: Detpack, Transporter, Forcefield
     * Classic:
       - Pickups: Detpack, Transporter, Forcefield
       - Powerups: Battlesuit, Quad, Speedup-Boots
     * Easy:
       - Pickups: Detpack, Transporter, Forcefield
       - Powerups: Battlesuit, Quad, Jetpack, Seeker-Drone, Speedup-Boots
     Custom User Interface:
     * U can select the gameplay modes via the EF-User Interface 
       from all advanced server menus (button "gameplay mode")
     * Complete integration of the EF-LCARS-Patch 1.23 (visit
       www.ef-lcarspatch.de.vu for more details)
     * Q3A (Quake 3 Arena) map support - maps are visible via the
       EF-LCARS. Q3A-Bots are replaced by EF bots for local games.
     Unlagged gameplay:
     * Server side ping lag compensation. Play on internet servers
       like you have ping 0 - no aiming ahead anymore!
       For more details about unlagged, please read this FAQ:
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                                                   (__| CHANGED STUFF |__)
     - No damage is taken by getting a hit. You are only pushed away.
       You can only be killed by telefrag, crushing, falling, being in
       lava or touching a hurting trigger - AND:
     - Touching the sky is a frag! So be aware not to be pushed into
       the sky of a map!
     - Speed is increased by 60% (250 plays like 400). To get a
       gameplay like with "old" speed 250, use the value 156 on
     - The only weapons allowed are: Compression Rifle, Grenade Launcher
       and Photonburst. All three weapons are given by default.
     - Power of these weapons is changed for better gameplay.
     - Only the ammo for the allowed weapons is spawned in a map. 
       Ammo of the other weapons is converted.
     - Powerups and Holdables are tossed from a fragged player.
     - Holdables are: Detpack, Teleporter and Forcefield.
     - Photon Burst pickup is replaced by the Forcefield. The
       Dreadnought weapon pickup is replaced by the Detpack.
     - The Forcefield is a weapon which kills by touching it. All 
       frags of the Forcefield goes on your account. But as owner
       you can be pushed by your opponents into it and they get
       the frag on success. 
       In teamplay your teammates can use your placed field to frag. 
       But the opponent team can frag your teammates also by pushing 
       them into it. If friendly fire is on, you get a negative point
       if you kill a teammate of yours by pushing it into your teams
       If you run by yourself into your Forcefield, you are doing a 
       suicide kill.
     - If a player is fragged who has placed a Detpack, that one is
       not destroyed like usual. It will respawn as pickup for others
       to use.
     - Usual the Detpack fraggs at its dropping point. Now the Detpack
       fraggs at its placement point after dropping. So airstrikes are
       now possible.
     - Powerups are: Haste, Invisible, Quad, Jetpack Shield and
       Seeker Drone (speeds up weapon projectiles)
     - The Regenerator pickup is replaced by the Shield.
     - The Quad enhances the knockback power of impacts. You will not
       only feel that effect but see it... ;-)

     - Modes Assimilation, Specialities and Action Hero are disabled.
       Elimination and Disintegration are fully supported! The same goes
       for 1v1, TDM and CTF!
     - Unlagged gameplay (serverside ping lag compensation)
     - In CTF a flag is immediatly returned if the carrier was fragged.

     - Custom EF-LCARS for PiNBALL
     - EF-LCARS-Patch 1.23 integrated
     - Q3A map support (with bot conversion)

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| SERVER VARIABLES |__)

     I added the g_speed variable to the votable variables.

          - Cfg-Var: "difficulty"
            Values: 0 to 3
            Voting: yes
            Default-Value: 0
            Sets the gameplay mode.
            0 - Easy     all pickups and powerups
            1 - Classic  No seeker Drone and Jetpack powerups
            2 - Medium   Pickups only, no powerups
            3 - Hard     Weapons only

          - Cfg-Var: "unlagged"
            Values: 0 to 1
            Voting: yes
            Default-Value: 1
            Enables the unlagged gameplay (server side ping lag
            0 - Unlagged off
            1 - Unlagged enabled
          - Cfg-Var: "mod_massmulti"
            deprecated. Use "g_knockback" instead.

          - Cfg-Vars for weapon damage and projectile explosion power
            Voting: No

                                                             __        __
                                                            (__| TIPS |__)
     * You can run PiNBALL as a complete server side modification
       pure or unpure. Because of the installation technic used, the
       users can always connect to a server running PiNBALL without
       any problems.
     * To find out what maps can be used for PiNBALL and download them, 
       visit the mods site: http://www.ef-pinball.de.vu

     * Do NOT delete the pak0.pk3 file in the mods folder even it is 
       0 bytes big! If you do, you cannot select the mod by the 
       EF LCARS Modification menu, it won't appear there then.
                                                   __                  __
                                                  (__| HOW TO INSTALL |__)
     * First of all: You need the installed Patch 1.20 or the Expansion
       Pack. This won't work with EF 0.28, EF 1.10!
     * Extract the ZIP-File contents into your Elite-Force root directory - 
       like "C:\STVOY", NOT the baseef-Folder!

       After that you should have a folder named "pinball" and a batch 
       file named RUNPINBALL.BAT.
                                                       __              __
                                                      (__| HOW TO RUN |__)

     * There are three ways to run this modification:
       1. Start Elite Force Holomatch as usual and activate the modification
          in the MOD list.
          The entry is called "PiNBALL vn.n.n" where n.n.n is
          the actual version installed.
       2. Run Elite Force Holomatch from the command prompt by typing:
          "stvoyhm +set fs_game pinball"
       3. ...or just by the installed batch file:

                                                           __          __
                                                          (__| HISTORY|__)

       22.02.2004 v2.0.0

       * Unlagged gameplay - server side ping lag compensation
         visit: http://www.planetquake.com/alternatefire/unlagged_faq.html
         - config variable: "unlagged"
       * Four new gameplay modes:
         easy, classic, medium, hard
         - config variable: "difficulty"
       * game speed is increased by 60% (so speed 250 plays like 400).
         Set g_speed to 156 to get a gameplay like with "old" speed 250.
       * PiNBALL user interface
       * Integrated EF-LCARS-Patch 1.23
       * Q3A map support (visit www.q32ef.de.vu)
         - Q3A bot conversion to EF bots
       * New powerup: Seeker Drone - speeds up weapon projectiles
         - new gfx effect for photons and grenades 
         - new sound when item is collected
       * Disintegration: No forcefield and transporter pickup
       * Item drop of a fragged player at the last attack spot not the
         frag spot to easy item grabbing
       * Battlesuit: When falling into deadly pits or voids or crushing
         the player is randomly transported to a safe spot
       * mod_massmulti removed (use g_knockback instead)
       * ready-button sound at the scoreboard
       * no falling-damage in general
       * new pickup and powerup (re)spawning time calculation for better
       * Welcome message on first map entry: "Welcome to Elite Force
       * a players handicap value does decrease his knockback effect
         to others in percentage (handicap 80 -> 80 % knockback to others)
       13.10.2002 v1.0.0

       * Join/teamchange lock from spectators disabled
       * Scoring is back to normal, by fragging an opponent you get the 
       * mod_massmulti default is now 0.3
       * Forcefield is a weapon, touching it kills.
       * Forcefield TDM/CTF: In team mode a placed Forcefield can be used 
         by all teammembers to get points - opponents get points by pushing 
         teammembers into the Forcefield
       * New sound and kill effects for the Forcefield
       * Forcefield size fixed, so no kills when walking over it
       * Friendly fire off: No knockback effects on teammates
       * Unused holdables are dropped on a frag and won't disappear
       * In CTF the flag is returned after fragging the carrier
       * The Shield and Quad powerups are reactivated
       * The Regenerator pickup is replaced by the Shield
       * Detpack visual and sound effect enhanced
       * A placed Detpack of a fragged player is respawned as pickup
       * A Detpack fraggs at its placement point, not at its dropping point
       * Quad enhances knockback and visual effects of impacts
       * New music for podium

       27.03.2002 V0.9.2
       * Added more power to the photon burst
       * Decreased power of grenades
       * Weapon power configurable via variables

       27.03.2002 V0.9.1
       * After first frag round is locked for new players. The scoring
         system makes this neccessary.

       27.03.2002 V0.9.0
       * First release...
                                                           __           __
                                                          (__| CONTACT |__)
       Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have 
       suggestions  or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact
       me via this email address:
       Visit the mods site for the latest news and version to download, 
       recommended custom maps:

       My thanks goes to:
         Marv "Bytrix32" Caine for the idea to this mod!

 __  _______________________________                                   __
(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)