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USA Alecs [19:52] ~jmalone/beos-skin.jpg
USA Alecs [19:52]
BeOS skin done :)
FRANCE Doh [18:39]
God bless your wisdom Keops... ;)
SWEDEN Gurukiller [18:27]
ym's are ok as long as they're tuned...
FRANCE Keops [18:20]
Unlimited YM requests would make any amiga scener's ears bleed ;)
POLAND Black dot [18:09]
woo-hoo - congrats!
FRANCE Faraday [18:02]
Now you have unlimited YM requests ;)
FRANCE Faraday [18:02]
Keops : congrats for your promotion ! :)
FRANCE Faraday [18:01]
Bye !
FINLAND Col. [18:00]
Have to go now. Later Faraday. Don't have an YM overdose today evening. :)
FINLAND Col. [17:54]
Can't be!? It seems that it can. :)
FRANCE Faraday [17:52]
Not a total YM request today :)
FINLAND Col. [17:50]
And bitter sport news when this rally driver of yours, S. Loeb, kicks the Finns' arse. :)
FINLAND Col. [17:49]
Lol Faraday. :D And I'm worried bout the level of our media. :) We hear mostly EU-stuff, politics or strikenews from Fr.
FRANCE Faraday [17:45]
Mobile phone throwing world championship for example :p
FINLAND Col. [17:45]
Ok, I admit, I was out of line there. Sorry if I hurt any 50hz feelings.
FRANCE Faraday [17:45]
We have other odd news from Finland...
FRANCE Faraday [17:44]
Shocking ! :)
FINLAND Col. [17:42]
Or then again, I could wipe my butt with... erhhmmm... YM tunes. ;)
FINLAND Col. [17:38]
It's actually quite a comedy what sort of information from up north reaches other countries. :)

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Category : newskool Add in your favourites playlist

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Duration : 00:04:54
Platform : [n/a]

Average Vote : 2.67 / 5

Last played: 04/06/2005 at 19:26:00 CET
Since inserted this song was played 35 times

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UNITED KINGDOM S1 > 22/01/2005 :
NORWAY BEEFHEART > 22/01/2005 :
NORWAY FLANDERZ > 24/09/2004 :
SWEDEN FIREFLY > 12/08/2004 :
SLOVENIA DEXXO > 21/07/2004 :

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SWEDEN Evil > 01/07/2004 at 00:29:00
Comment :Ok I had expected some sort of pokey in this one, a bit of a disapointment getting just another techno/club-thing.

UNITED KINGDOM Mrpink > 31/07/2003 at 22:38:00
Comment :not as good as "dance your damn ass off", but still pretty nice. and like emkay says, extra marks for the cool title smiley

GERMANY Emkay > 06/07/2003 at 12:42:00
Comment :OK I don't get any of the song out to compare it with an 800 XL. But only the title is worth 5* smiley and the song is really great too.

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