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USA Runaro [19:33]
By the power of greyskull!
CANADA Happydude [19:32]
I've got Antique on most of my truck CDR's :)
SWEDEN Blind io [19:25]
... or maybe just feminist.
GERMANY Genetic gemini [19:22]
heman and skeletor
USA Alecs [19:15]
SWEDEN Blind io [19:15]
What the opposite of a shemale? hefemale?
USA Alecs [19:12]
1liner bots :)
SWITZERLAND Axel [19:02]
LOL GG @ Shemale comment :P
SWITZERLAND Axel [19:02]
hi Black Dot. No I think it should not. More imaginative that way :)
GERMANY Genetic gemini [18:41]
:) hi bd
POLAND Black dot [18:40]
Oneliner should have an auto-greeter implemented in it :)
POLAND Black dot [18:31]
Hi, Faraday, Axel, GG, Keops, Mystra btw
FRANCE Faraday [18:21]
Howdy BD, Mystra... :)
FRANCE Faraday [18:21]
Lol GG :)
GERMANY Genetic gemini [18:20]
yes, who knows :) maybe i'm a shemale
SWITZERLAND Axel [18:19]
maybe he's also an "it" : )
GERMANY Genetic gemini [18:15]
thank you *kiss*
FRANCE Keops [18:14]
because HE likes it :)
FRANCE Keops [18:14]
another YM request for Gemini because it likes it ;)
SWITZERLAND Axel [18:14]
lol Keops: yeah i saw the Moby tune. Great! :)

Oneliner history
On air
Login Error [02/06/2005]
To fix a bug last night, you may have noticed a 404 error page when loggin.

Everything must be working now, don't forget to clear Caches and Cookies things ;)

1 Comment | read more ...
Bugtracker... had a bug :) [30/05/2005]
Mantis bugtracker had a bug since 4 days, impossible to register on it. I contacted the help forum but noone could help it (or would :)) so i decided to fix it alone.

Now it work again, so you can post BUGSSSSS ! :)

Click here to post a bug.


3 Comments | read more ...
Commercial samples [30/05/2005]
With the new upload and validating system we will refuse any tunes with commercial samples included! So please save your and our bandwidth and don't upload them. Remixes/covers are still allowed as before.

Ok, to clear things up:
Whole songparts as vocals or significant drum-/basslines are considered as "commercial samples". Not every single bassdrum or sound.

[Genetic Gemini]

18 Comments | read more ...
You upload, we validate [30/05/2005]
You can now check in realtime if your song is valide or not. Just click on 'Check songs in validating process' in top menu.

Uploaded songs are inserted here daily, then admins have one week to decide if a song will be inserted or not in playlist.One week later, approved songs will be inserted in playlist.

Pending, approved and refused songs (with admins comments) are listed in your account until the update (the admin comments will be added tomorrow morning) heee well this morning ;).


4 Comments | read more ...
5 musics lost... ;( [29/05/2005]
Today, we have detected a problem in the info files parsing used to feed the database. As this problem didn't crash the applet, the info files had been deleted. I did a backup before, but it seems that some uploads occured during the no-chance-time during the further tests, and infos files got lost. :/

Here are the concerned musics:

DjJoge-Angels voice
jason brooke-vixen
Xtense-Time Control

Uploaders of this musics, please, do it one more time, as we need the info for the decisional system.
The MP3 files have already been deleted from the FTP.
Sorry for inconvenience!

By the way, I just would like to precise that the comments you add will greatly help us to decide to keep songs or not in borderline situations. You also can add personnal comments, but it will not be used as a comment of the tune in the website.

3 Comments | read more ...
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Friday, June 3, 2005
Nectarine is a radio station that is 100% free. Free because all the music you find here has been written since 1988 by musicians in their free time. However even though none of this music has been recordered in order to receive royalties, you can in NO CIRCUMSTANCES sell this music or include any part of it in a commercial project without first gaining the permission of the author.
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NORWAY  musician & donor  Mystra
FRANCE  donor  The Cyb
SWITZERLAND  musician & donor  Axel
FRANCE  registred  Bosco
FRANCE  musician & admin  Doh
USA  donor  Laserbeams
POLAND  musician  Aceman
USA  donor  Alecs
GERMANY  admin  Trib
FRANCE  donor  Keops
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